Baby, it’s cold outside!

Though we don’t have the same winters that many of our friends suffer with up north, baby, it’s cold outside today!

Every year as I prepare to buy merchandise for this time of year I refer to my trusted farmers almanac! My sister gives me my annual copy of the almanac every year for Christmas and the weather predictions are rarely wrong! This year is no exception. Unfortunately, in spite of good advice from my trusted resource, supply chain issues have made getting our cozy-wearables extremely difficult. Try as I might, even though deliveries are delayed and often cancelled our inventory of great sweatshirts and sweaters still offers our customers some great selections.

So…when you’re at the beach and you need a little something to wrap yourself up in, stop by and see us!

At The Islander,, you can grab a great zip up hoodie like the yellow striped cardigan we feature here. The Pier Peddler offers an array of LuluB chenille pullovers that are super soft and comfortable. Local Color has great wraps that can top off any outfit when you’ve got a beachy chill! You’ll see one of the Katie wraps in our latest Facebook post!

So all you folks from Ohio and Michigan try not to make fun of us as we don our favorite boots and jackets and sweaters and hats! Our chilly days are fleeting and we love dragging it out of the closet at least once a year! And when you realize that all you packed were flip flops and bathing suits for your visit, stop by and see us ’cause baby, it’s cold outside!

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Yellow Striped Cardigan at The Islander Gallery and Boutique

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