Flower Power

Flower power is everywhere from the Haute Couture of Oscar De La Renta to our very own Catherine Lilywhite.

The fresh and reimagined floral print is going to dominate looks this fall well into the spring.

Whenever I travel I am always looking for trends, even though I’m not necessarily doing it intentionally! Well, all it took was one trip into a nearby city here on the northern coast of Spain to realize that florals are the new black! From blazers to skirts to shorts and handbags, it’s everywhere! And this is a look that spans generations. Unlike tie dye, which has made a huge statement the past few years, flowers can be seen festooning the hats of stately elder women, embroidered daisies on the overalls of young girls, and cabbage rose prints for babies.

I think we’ve all grown a little tired of “loungewear” even though it’s going to be a really hard habit to break! A little flower power is just what we need to lift our spirits and add some fresh style to our wardrobes. Treat yourself to a new blouse or, if you can afford it, this gorgeous dress from my favorite designer, Oscar!


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