Mommy and Me Activity Scarf – Jungle


The best baby shower gift we’ve ever carried!  You will absolutely LOVE this soft and snuggly scarf that doubles as an entertainment center for the baby! Whether you’re trying to keep them busy while you change them, keep them quiet at church or just occupy their little hands…this is a winner!

  • Jungle Mommy and Me Activity Scarf features a beige pocket containing a round ornament; On the edges of each side are small sewn-on digits made from different colors and patterns of fabric; Some of these tabs are also decorated with different jungle themed designs
  • Scarf is made of super soft fabric with sky blue finish; Moms can wear the scarf while taking care of baby;
  • Machine wash cold, hang to dry; Activities and designs include tigers, hippos, and reflective surfaces
  • Fashion scarf measures approximately 52 x 9.5 inches;
  • Engaging item keeps baby entertained while you take care of necessary tasks; Delightful patterns and features give the little one something to play with and explore
  • Perfect to wear during bath time, dinner time, or while chatting with friends while holding the baby; Spend more time interacting with baby using this fun and whimsical piece made from soft, colorful fabric;
  • Wearable design is inspired by the experience of raising children


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