Unicorn Tooth Fairy Doll

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The cotton linen Unicorn Tooth Fairy Pillow doll is the perfect way to make sure lost teeth are recovered. The doll wears a pink ballerina mesh dress and her unicorn horn glitters in gold. In her hand is a little pouch with “Tooth Fairy”. Ideal for securely storing a missing tooth, and the prize from the tooth fairy!


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1 review for Unicorn Tooth Fairy Doll

  1. Jan

    I love this! Just bought one for my 15 month old grand daughter. Even though she is just now getting her teeth, I can’t wait to give it to her when she starts losing her teeth. Just hope I remember where I put the doll.

    • the Best of Fort Myers Beach

      LOLOL! I have the same problem remembering things like that Jan! I just came across some Christmas gifts I had purchased and totally forgot they were here! Guess there’s always next year!
      Hope your granddaughter loves the tooth fairy doll!

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