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Whether you're on Fort Myers Beach, the shore of Cape May, or the lakes of Wisconsin, our casual resort wear is perfect for every laid back lifestyle.  Our selections of coastal beach-inspired home accessories and local artwork are sure to bring the feeling of sun-kissed days into your home.  From whimsical gifts to funky jewelry, The Best of Fort Myers Beach will make you feel like you’re always on vacation!

We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience here at The Best of Fort Myers Beach!

- Anita Cereceda, owner


Our Stores

       Our three stores are shopping "experiences". We have tried our best to capture bits and pieces of that here for you on this site, and we always appreciate your feedback should there be something particular you wish to see or something you feel we should change up a bit! Much like our Fort Myers Beach locations, this process will always be evolving to meet our customers' needs and hopefully adding a few surprises in for good measure!

      We hope you visit when you're in town and enjoy your shopping experience here on The Best of Fort Myers Beach.  Thanks for stopping by.

Local Color

Local Color

When I was trying to come up with a name for the store I opened, right around the corner from the Pier Peddler in Times Square on July 3rd of 2003, "Local Color" just wouldn't leave my head, but no one seemed to like it! The expression "local color" is used to describe all the interesting elements that typify the character and charm of an area.  There just couldn't be a better name for this shop that's a dizzying array of colorful artwork, funky jewelry, casual resort wear and gifts for your home.  Like I said...all three stores are an "experience!"

Check out our 3D tour by clicking the link below!

The Islander

The Islander

The Islander's grand opening was December 4, 2017 in the Santini Marina Plaza at the south end of the island.  The store has cool and sophisticated tones of sea glass and driftwood and caters to Islanders everywhere!

A mix of upscale clothing for ladies and beautiful beach-inspired gifts for your home, The Islander has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike.  The marina-like setting of the plaza has so much to offer visitors to the area.  Restaurants, fishing charters, and of course great shopping at The Islander!

Check out our 3D tour by clicking the link below.

The Pier Peddler

The Pier Peddler

The Pier Peddler was opened on December 31st 1985 at the base of the Fort Myers Beach Pier, by my parents Jo and Jose Cereceda. 

One of the most memorable things about The Pier Peddler is the hundreds of police and service badges that line the perimeter of the store.  Over 30 years, it's become a collection we are proud to display.  Check out our stories to read more about them! Whether you need a pair of sunglasses, a dress to wear to dinner, or a gift for your favorite guy, the Pier Peddler is the place to go!

Local Color

The expression "local color" is used to describe all the interesting elements that typify the character and charm of an area. The concept of this store was all about creating a spot on the beach where locals and visitors can come for a bit of shade, listen to some great music, enjoy good company and find things you couldn’t get most other places! At Local Color we feature unique artwork by local artists, one-of-a kind jewelry, cool resort wear, and a variety of fabulous gifts for your home. We are open every day from 09:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M.

We hope you'll stop by and experience for yourself all that Local Color has to offer.

The Islander

Anita Cereceda has parlayed 30-plus years of experience as a Fort Myers Beach retailer into a one-of-a-kind creation called The Islander.

First joining her father Jose’s Times Square business, the Pier Peddler (opened in 1985), and then creating her own a few doors down in the form of Local Color (in 2003), when an opportunity at Estero Island’s south end presented itself, she jumped at the challenge – fueled with a dream she had about her mother! Ask her about it sometime!

The new store, located in the heart of Santini Plaza, debuted in December of 2017. Its driftwood and beach-glass themes in soft-color surroundings are warm and inviting, setting the stage for a dizzying array of home décor, vivid artwork, sparkling jewelry, fashionable clothing lines and gifts for all occasions. The Islander is a memorable shopping experience.

The Pier Peddler

The Pier Peddler was opened on December 31st 1985. Jo and Jose Cereceda opened the store at the base of the iconic Fort Myers Beach pier with mostly a smile and a dream. Thirty-plus years later, The Pier Peddler remains a foolproof destination for both newcomers and dear old friends who appreciate the joys of white-sand beach life and the energy that comes with Times Square. Need a pair of shades, sandals and a visor? You hit The Pier Peddler. Need a nice dinner outfit a few hours later? Back in you go.

Then, when you see the thousands of police patches that line the walls, you realize quickly that The Pier Peddler is all about making friends and forging lasting relationships.

So, whether it’s for the first time or what seems like the millionth, enjoy the Pier Peddler! We’re glad to have you back!

What We Offer

Our stores are favorites for locals as well as our many visitors, and we offer a variety of items that are appealing to all age groups.

We are open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week.

  • In-store shopping with quality customer service.
  • Curbside pickup. Just call the store and we will gladly pack your items and deliver them to you "curbside!"
  • Online orders available 24/7 are handled personally by our gracious staff.