Gift Giving!

It’s really important to most of our visitors…and a great source of vacation stress!

If I had a dime for every stressed out visitor looking for the perfect gift to take their dog sitter or the lady who picks up the mail or the favorite cousin, mom or other relative…I’d be a rich woman!

But the stress! The anguish! The sense of urgency is really both worrisome and lovely, I guess. I remember one day telling a gentleman who was at the Pier Peddler that he needed to stop worrying so much about everyone else and go back outside and enjoy the sunset. His wife said “could you tell him that again please!” This guy was wound like a watch…a roofer from Pennsylvania who I actually became friends with over this very exchange!

It’s something we’ve all done. I do it myself every time I visit a new place. I find myself looking for the perfect thing to bring back to my sisters or one of my store managers…usually we put ourselves last on this list of generosity.

The last few weeks something new has popped up on the gift-giving front. We’ve received quite a few messages from folks on our Facebook pages asking how they can send a gift to a loved one or friend celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other important date. Our Facebook page for The Islander,, most recently had a customer asking if we could send several dresses for her daughter to try on for a wedding on the beach! “Of course we can”, was our reply. No request is too big or too small!

The Pier Peddler often has requests for special items for children. We try to post new things regularly on that Facebook page because not everyone is a website shopper,

Local Color probably gets the most requests for large garden items like the Think Outside line you can find here on our site or a group of beautiful metal suns that remain popular. Artwork is also a big request since no one wants to try to tote an XL sized canvas on their Delta flight!

Check out our Facebook pages… and if you see something you like that’s not here on the website don’t hesitate to send us a message…we will gladly ship out whatever you need! And if you decided, after you get back to Ohio, that you just can’t live without the dress you tried on at one of the shops, just give us a call. We’ll take care of it for you. All of our contact information for the stores is here on this site as well as on the Facebook pages.

So I guess the moral to this story is…enjoy your time at the beach while you’re here. Have another pretty cocktail with an umbrella in it, and take in the splendor of our sunsets! Don’t stress out over what to take the cat sitter. Whatever you need or forgot, we can ship it right to them, or you, once you’ve gotten all the sun and fun out of your system and are comfortably back home!

the Best of Fort Myers Beach

the Best of Fort Myers Beach