Camo is the new black!

Drab green, pink, embroidered and bedazzled…camo is here to stay.

I’ve never been a fan of anything camouflaged. I love prints in general, but for me, camo should have been reserved for the military! That said, it appears the look is here to stay.

Each year fashionistas from around the world tell us that orange is the new black, green is the color of the year or your closet shouldn’t be without a good dose of zebra print. This year it was all about camo.

The irony is not lost on me that in a year where we have felt at war with a pandemic, our environment or those pesky covid 20 pounds we’ve put on, that camo would have such staying power. The print style itself has been re-colored, re-calibrated and re-formed so that sometimes its almost unrecognizable. Traditionally its a blur of drab green and beige but not anymore! Not in 2020! Now its pink and purple and fringed and glittered and studded. Its fabricated in high end dresses and boots and fur! Camo has blasted the fashion world with unexpected creative intensity! Who knew? From the runways of Milan to the beaches of California, camo has made a splash.

Unlike it’s counterpart animal prints, leopard, giraffe, tiger stripes or zebra, I think camo is short lived in the trend world. Sure, there will always be a place in your closet for a funky pair of camo joggers to wear with your favorite Doc Martin combat boots but it’s a limited “look!”

Personally, I’m looking forward to the next “solid” color trend….maybe it’ll be purple?

the Best of Fort Myers Beach

the Best of Fort Myers Beach