Patience During a Pandemic

I guess once you leave home the threat is over!

So it’s full bloom spring break here on this island. Folks have made their way by trains, planes, and automobiles to our sunny slice of paradise, and I don’t blame them. I just wish that they’d realize not all of us are on vacation, and most of us are still taking great precautions during this pandemic of Covid-19.

When the sun shines, bathing suits are donned and a cold beer is in your hand, it’s hard to remember that there still looms a larger than life threat to all of us…namely this darn virus. Social distancing is easy enough to accomplish on the sandy beaches of a 7 mile barrier island; not so much in our bars and restaurants and businesses. Most of our island establishments comply with the CDC recommendation of mask wearing and the Town of Ft. Myers Beach actually has a mask mandate in place too. My three stores do not permit anyone, employees or guests, to enter without their mask in place. We provide them at not charge to folks who have “forgotten” they needed one. It’s the least we can do.

I have never lost sight of the fact that when it’s snowing and gloomy in Columbus, the white stuff we have here is even more enticing. I am grateful that I have access to it every day, and I’m happy, as are all islanders, to share it with the world…but please, wear your mask! When you’re out on the beach and enjoying yourself, try to maintain your distance from others not in your group. When you head out to the bars and restaurants, grab a coordinating mask that matches your favorite sports team or beer! Just please, do your part to help all of us stay as safe as possible.

At some point folks will return to their “normal” lives, though I’m not really sure what that is anymore. While you’re here, enjoy yourselves. Live it up. Get a tan and have a drink…and please, respect our mask mandate. It’s really just a small thing to ask!

the Best of Fort Myers Beach

the Best of Fort Myers Beach