Is It OK To Wear This?

I don’t usually let my dog Stella get in my bed. She has one of her own, after all! However, like many things these last nine months, I’ve made exceptions and she now truly understands the meaning of “cozy!”

Believe it or not, there is no bigger trend this year than “coziness.” A friend of mine who has a store in Lakeland defined the phenomena as “anything just north of pajamas!”

Call it lounge wear, comfort clothing or easy-to-wear, the bottom line is we are redefining the question “Is this ok to go out in?” It’s almost comical, because even at trade shows the first words that come out of a sales person’s mouth are usually related to the wear-ability and “comfort” of the item they are showing. Even shoes for goodness sake…and I’m not just talking about sneakers!

If it feels like your favorite old pajamas and you think you can actually go to Walmart in them, you’ve got yourself a winner! Is this a long term trend? Maybe.

Have the last 9 months taught us not to take life so seriously…or maybe to be more serious about what really matters and less serious about things that don’t, like what you’re going to wear? Business meetings are conducted from home now, and shoes are not required. Is this here to stay? I think it’s too early to say.

Even though there are new monikers in the marketplace, I’m not convinced this trend has staying power. Sweatpants have become joggers, jumpsuits are now onesies. Shoes are out, slippers are in. Forget about a coat because what you need is a poncho. Jeans are long gone and jeggings have become a staple. But….I know plenty of ladies who will never throw out their Jimmy Choos or their favorite skinny jeans!

Living on an island, comfort is a way of life. Flip flops, bathing suits and a sundress and you’re good to go. I’m glad people have had a chance to experience what we, as islanders, already know. Life’s too short to worry too much about what to wear. So throw on your favorite old t-shirt, a pair of joggers, and some furry slippers and have a great day!


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the Best of Fort Myers Beach