What’s New?

The never-ending hunt for the latest and greatest!

Whenever my mother and I would head out to a trade show she would always say “I hope we find something new!” She was always looking for something to catch her eye, most importantly to catch our customers eyes! I understood the quest, but, as I tell my managers frequently, if you’ve got $100 to spend 80% of it should go on what’s tried and true! Not terribly exciting, but good advice nonetheless!

We are constantly asking our customers and friends on Facebook to give us their opinions. We ask whether or not they like the colors we’ve chosen, we ask for ideas, we ask for input in general. Almost always someone will say “Well, what’s new?” Maybe that’s the trend!

New this season are the peaceful colors of the ocean…every aqua, teal, blue-green you can imagine. Citrus packs a punch as well. Not just in clothing but in glassware, candles, you name it. Not new you say? HAH! The names of the colors alone are fresh. Gone is aqua, in is seabreeze. Out with navy, in with nautical. Forget about plain old white…it’s now snow!

I’ve often thought I would be a great “color-namer!” Can you imagine? Get together with a few friends and play some Rumicub, open a bottle or 2 of wine and viola….a whole new universe of color names! Black becomes nightfall, green is dewdrop, orange transforms to juiced! You get the idea. More than anything this season, colors and their names are “what’s new!”

Ultimately just like you heard your mother say when you were a child, everything comes back in style if you just wait long enough! This season we will continue to see comfort on the front lines in all variations. Maybe by the time fall comes around folks will be waiting for the next new trend where we have to zip and button pants, wiggle in to dresses and actually iron something! Only time will tell!


the Best of Fort Myers Beach

the Best of Fort Myers Beach