Kindness Matters!

Kindness Matters! Kindness really matters!

Today I found myself commiserating with a long time friend who also happens to be a sales rep of mine. The conversation started with how crazy the world of shipping and deliveries were which quickly turned to the difficulty companies are having recruiting and keeping good employees which then in turn turned to politics and who might be at fault for all of this!

These kind of conversations are hard to have, especially when you aren’t on the same side of the arguments…but as with everything, a little kindness goes a long way. We both know, as do many of my other friends who hold her same opinion, that friendship isn’t something easy to find…and that we are in extraordinary times…and whether we agree or not, the kindness in our hearts, and the value of our friendship is far more important than the current situation we find ourselves in.

We also had to agree that even though the challenges have been incredible this past year, we are all still here, we are all still healthy, and our businesses are doing well. What more could we ask for? Everyone’s been stressed for a million and one reasons and we are all at a breaking point….so we just decided to be grateful for everything we have and call it a day! Simple enough, right?

I have been drawn to a company called Natural Life since they first came on the market. The fun and whimsical nature of most of their designs are uplifting. The colors are cheerful and, well, it just makes you feel good! It’s been quite a few years since we carried the line, not for any particular reason, but recently the messages their products deliver just resonated with me. I couldn’t resist! So bit by bit we wills tart to share some of those with you here on our site. The shirt pictured will be available soon. The Live Happy Tee is already available here:

Take a look…we think you’ll like it as much as we do…and remember…Kindness matters! It takes just a little effort and makes all the difference in the world!


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