The holidays are right around the corner!

With only 56 days until Hanukkah and 83 days ’till Christmas, our stores are prepping for the holidays!

I can hear my grandmother yelling at me now! She boycotted Sears for years, because they had holiday decorations up before Thanksgiving! Now, your big box stores are already loaded with boxes and bows and decorations for every corner of your home! She would have hated that…and been pretty angry with me for even contemplating putting something out this early! But, the reality is, especially right now, that when the merchandise comes in, it has to go out on display!

I don’t think there’s anyone I know in business right now who isn’t suffering from the impacts of shipping costs and delays. We probably won’t even get half the things we ordered…and we order holiday merchandise about a year in advance! It’s the new global reality for businesses of all sizes. Costs are up and delays are a daily obstacle. Don’t get me wrong, the silver lining to this cloud is that it has made some of us sharpen our pencils and think a little harder about the way we do business! So it’s not all bad!

Last year we had so many requests for cute baby stuff…and this year, with any luck, we will fill those requests!

This adorable little onesie is going to be so cute on my little friend Harrison! This, and other items for children, will be available online or at The Pier Peddler. You can stay up to date on arrivals by visiting our Facebook page!

I love to read the farmers almanac! My sister gives me a copy every Christmas, and I actually use it to plan my “winter” buying! I mean, just how cold will it get this season? You can find out for yourself if you like! You’ll see they are predicting a particularly chilly winter…and so we are upping our supply of cozy wraps and shawls and sweatshirts and sweaters. For the holidays, you will love our Merry Poncho! Both The Islander and Local Color carry this if you’re in the area! If not, give us a call and we’ll drop it in the mail to you!

So…as we start our holiday preparations, I hope that you are able to celebrate with those you love most in the world. Hopefully this year will be a bit better than last and families will join together just like they always have…remembering that the real meaning of the holiday season from Hanukkah to Thanksgiving to Christmas is all about “sharing”.

Be good to one another! Santa is watching!


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