Yes, you have to wear a mask.

No one has had the luxury of being untouched by this darn virus. Hopefully, my dear reader, you have remained healthy and your family and friends are well. The expression that we are all in this together has never resonated more truly!

Last year our stores were closed for most of March, April and May. It was brutal to have to shut our doors in the height of our busiest season. You can only imagine the domino effect of problems this created! But, we survived.

When we felt it was safe to reopen, I promised my employees and our visitors that we would take every precaution possible to create a safe as possible environment within the stores. This included Plexiglas shields at the register areas, a sanitation station at the front door of each establishment where guests had access to hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, paper towels and yes, face masks. We provide these face masks at no charge to our guests. Sure, we have fancy ones, beaded and bedazzled, but the basic ones are right there for the taking.

Who knew this would be so controversial? Why, I really still do not understand. Just today one of my employees had an extremely opinionated gentleman who gave every reason under the sun why he did not need or have to wear a mask. Ok, here’s the deal. I have two sisters who are health care providers. They are on the front line of this pandemic each and every day of their lives and believe me, it has taken a toll on them. But they are passionate about their work and even more passionate about keeping people as healthy as possible. Until they tell me, or Dr. Fauci gives me a ring personally and says it’s all clear to dump the masks…face coverings will be a requirement to enter our stores.

I understand completely that there may be someone reading this that will say “well you lost my business…” and that’s ok. I understand. No hard feelings. But…the folks that work for me are part of my extended family. I would do anything in the world for them, and them for me. It’s a small thing that can be done to keep them protected, even a little. It’s a small thing they do in return to keep our visitors and guests protected. It’s a small thing that we can all do until this darn thing is under control.

Until then, we continue to mask up and Lysol down anything that moves! Stay well my friends!


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