Happy Mother’s Day!

If I woke up one morning and decided I was going to be an astronaut…she was certain I would be the best astronaut ever! It didn’t matter what the subject was, or the dream, or the obstacle…she was the greatest champion you could have ever wanted!

My mother was a talented woman…she painted beautifully and we would joke with her that if something stood still long enough she’d put a pelican on it! She could sew anything, she loved to work in the yard, she was a great cook…but her real passion was fishing. Sometimes when I’m walking up to The Pier Peddler I can still see her standing on the pier, leaning over the rail looking for her next target! She was masterful at catching a snook…and those of you who’ve ever tried know how illusive they can be! But honestly, I’m not sure it really mattered if she caught anything. As the mother of 6 and wife to a man who liked everything pressed and ready for him to wear each day, she rarely had time to herself. The moments she stole away early before dawn to “fish” were her salvation. Whether out on the water in a boat or tossing a line off shore, she escaped for those few moments to herself…

Over the past few days the stores have been busy with folks looking for the “perfect gift” for their mom. Blessing bracelets have been a popular “go to” as have easy accessories like the popcorn poncho. But, take it from me, there’s no better gift you can give your mother than TIME!

Time heals all.

My mother died in 2008 after a year long battle with lung cancer. The last year of her life we all scrambled for any moment we could sneak away with her…but that was difficult. You never know what’s around the bend of your life, and lord knows we sure didn’t when it came to that awful year.

Folks always say that time heals all…well, I’m not a purveyor of that myth! The only thing time does is give you enough space from the grief to be able to enjoy the memories without necessarily falling into a pit of despair. Time is rarely on our side! But, years later now, I can talk about my mom with with joy that she always inspired. I will admit though that when I hear the Ave Maria it stops me in my tracks and I feel a sadness and a longing like no other. But most days, like today, I celebrate the wonderfulness of a woman I loved more than anything on this earth.


Remember to celebrate the women in your life that are “mothers” of every kind. That nurturing touch in the life of children, animals, communities, friends…all of them reflect the great qualities of a mother….and none of us would be the same without it!

Happy Mother’s Day! To the aunts, sisters, friends, grandmas, and women everywhere. Thank you for all you give to the world each and every day!

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  1. Jackie on 05/08/2021 at 5:11 pm

    I love the joy in the photo of you and your mom. To have a great relationship with your mom is such a blessing. You and I were lucky to have that. ❤️