Summertime, and the livin’ is crazy!

Wow! You can hardly believe it’s June here on FMB. Usually this is a slower time of year for us and folks are getting ready to take their summer vacations around the 4th of July….well, not this year. This weekend it looked like it was the middle of March out there on the beach!

It’s been fun to see so many people enjoying these hot summer days…though I have to be honest, there has been more than one complaint about the heat! It’s been blazing! I always just remind them that the stores are all air conditioned so to take a break and grab something new!

We’ve been really blessed this year with a steady stream of customers and visitors to our island. I pray for the folks who are still struggling to get back on their feet after the year and a half of covid stress. It’s been an endurance test for all of us, for sure. I think that’s why folks have flocked to the beach…they can just forget their troubles, if only for a few minutes, and take in the beautiful water and of course, the people watching!

So, as you make your travel plans for the summer, consider visiting us here on Ft. Myers Beach! Our town is friendly and inviting, and there’s something here for everyone! Most importantly, we have the best sunsets in the world! Happy travels!

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the Best of Fort Myers Beach

the Best of Fort Myers Beach