Save Our Beaches!

A portion of the sale of all Guy Harvey apparel goes to support the Guy Harvey Ocean Conservation effort.

Conservation and environmental protection is important to everyone but none as much as those of us blessed to live on an island! Doing business on an island provides us an opportunity to educate our visitors and share information with that might otherwise not get the attention it deserves.

We are super conscious how we, as a business, impact the environment. We have eliminated the use of single use plastic bags, for example and only use paper or recycled multi use bags in our stores. We are even looking in to products that will allow us to do the same with the shipments of our website sales. Its a small thing, but each effort matters.

We recently added 4Ocean bracelets and Guy Harvey apparel to the website. 4Ocean was founded on the believe that businesses can make a difference in the effort to clean out oceans and coastlines and that the effort of individuals, collectively, can change the world! We are proud to be part of that effort! For every purchase of a beaded bracelet there comes a promise from the company to remove one pound of trash from our waters.

Guy Harvey has been painting magnificent works of art featuring marlins, sea turtles and other sealife for many years. It is through this gift that he has created the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation where a portion of the proceeds from the sale of apparel goes to fund scientific research and educational programs aimed at conserving the ocean’s resources.

Many hands make light work! Isn’t that what they say? Let’s all do our part in an effort to preserve and protect the thing we all love most. Think about it the next time you take a plastic bottle of water to the beach! What happens to that plastic? Plastic straws were banned in our community a few years ago because of the damage they do to our environment, sea turtles and shorebirds.

It takes a village…or an island to turn the tide! Thank you for doing your part!


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